Guess who’s back?!!

After a break of a few months, we appear to have a new outbreak of teething in M’s mouth.

The second molars are “erupting”.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to bed.

The crying. The drooling. The nibbling of fingers or of anything that will fit in the mouth.

But enough of my bad habits.

Poor M is really suffering.

Thank goodness for sugar free infant suspension paracetamol products.

Granules seem to do the trick too – although you need to be careful of how you hold the packet – M looked like Al Pacino in the final scene of Scarface the other day.

Talking of packets, this brings me to the subject of wipes. A life saver in some respects (imagine life without them), but why are they so hard to get out of the packet? Luckily there are always deals on multipacks, because it is impossible to remove less than five at a time – and these dry out in approximately six seconds.

And while I am in the throes of ranting about unconnected subjects, why are coffee shops so hard to get into? My local tax dodging caffeine houses are harder to get into than Buckingham Palace.

I digress. At least this last bout of teething should only last another eight months or so.






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