Sleep! Remember that?!

When you tell people that you’re expecting (as a couple in my case of course), friends and family can’t wait to cheerfully exclaim that you will never sleep again, EVER, and walk off laughing.

Not having ever been a great sleeper in the first place, this never bothered me.

How little I knew.

The last 18 months have had some hellish moments in the sleep department, I always found the worst thing being woken up at about 11, just as I’d gotten into a deep sleep.

Things have calmed down a bit, during the night, with the teething coming to an end – and the focus is on when M actually sleeps during the day.

We have her down to one nap a day, just like they say on the internet.

“By now your toddler will be sleeping about 11 hours at night and taking a one- to three-hour afternoon nap every day.”

Can someone tell M that please, I’ve tried, but she is ignoring me.

To be fair, she is nailing around 10 hours a night, and being down to one nap a day, we no longer have the torture of trying to walk her to sleep at about 9 in the morning.

Now though, the problem is generally getting her to sleep at the RIGHT time during the day, whatever that is.

Last week I was walking up the Thames, constantly ordering M to put her head back in the cot and drift off. We look at the 1pm mark as the time to get her asleep for this mythical 3 hour nap, but it was almost 3pm and I was panicking.

Today it was the opposite, as M was drifting off before midday, without having had lunch – and I speed walked home, begging her to stay awake, at least until she had eaten a carrot stick.

This didn’t work – she was completely sold out.

So…I instead looked forward to a 3 hour break, only to be disappointed when builders on the floor below ours seemed to be drilling right into our flat – which woke M up after an hour, and now its going to be a long afternoon…

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