Last night

We knew we were in trouble when the morning activities failed to produce the required afternoon nap.

Despite a good hour of soothing nursery rhymes, walking, rocking and begging, M successfully battled against sleep.

The evening sleep came early and without struggle, but we suspected that the real problems lie ahead.

And we were right.

The monitor burst into life with the first cries came at around 12ish.

Do you stick or twist? Go in or hope that she will settle herself?

Silently we waited.

You know after a few minutes that resistance is futile, she won’t be going back to sleep, and neither will you.

By now, the whimpers and turning in the cot have turned into standing up and screaming.

Nothing works, not the gentle singing, the rocking, the water, the calming words, which evolve into frantic begging. After about an hour.

All attempts to settle M have now failed.

Its 3am.

Then in a moment she is asleep.

Mummy gently places her back into the cot, and tip toes out of the room.

Any sound now will destroy that sleep, so a silent and excruciatingly slow withdrawal from the room is necessary, to prevent a floor board creak or a random toy inexplicably buzzing.


This awful night meant that M slept in this morning, and didn’t wake up until 6.15. Yes! What a treat.

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